3 Minor Internet Marketing Tremors

Occasionally there are tectonic shifts in Internet Marketing (like the arrival of a Twitter or Google or GoTo).

In between, we get a continuous onslaught of minor shifts in the landscape. Here’s three that have happened in the last ten days or so.

Facebook Places

The “check-in” concept pioneered by the likes of Foursquare, has come to Facebook (the US anyway).

Could this be the event that brings the concept of sharing your location with friends into the mainstream? (Or perhaps could it be the first step in Facebook’s decline?)

Either way, if it’s not part of your marketing mix already, it’s time it was.

The New Digg

Finally it’s launched. I discussed how the new release might make Digg relevant to a wider audience. Since then I’ve mucked around with the pre-release. Sadly, as discussed in the comments of that discussion, it doesn’t give me faith.

However I’m still willing to give it a crack. You can find me on Digg as timbarlow, we also have an Attacat account and individual ones for the team but due to the current sea of glitches in the system, it’s easier said than done to find them!)


It seems like an eternity since Yahoo decided to give up on search and allow Microsoft to power its search engines. Bing results are now on Yahoo in the US.

We still have to wait before Yahoo gives up its approx 10% share of the UK market to Microsoft.

Not much to worry about here from a marketing perspective because you should be considering Bing anyway.

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