5 AdWords setup mistakes to avoid

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Thinking of setting up an AdWords account?! Well check out our top 5 AdWords mistakes to avoid and you won’t regret it… gulp.


time zones

This is one of the most common mistakes we find – it’s hardly earth shattering but it’s a simple thing that you can’t undo. During the final stage of an AdWords account creation you may (or probably not) notice that AdWords asks you what time zone you want to set. Setting the wrong time zone will affect your reports and statistics and can cause you some real annoyance further down the line, so spare this stage a couple of minutes please.


goal tracking

Tracking is your blood in AdWords.  If you can’t track an end value from your PPC spend, then how can you confidently sustain that level of expenditure – you may be losing hundreds or alternatively making them (and therefore missing out on making even more!), but the key point is that you’re none the wiser! So before you go all John Wayne and go gun-ho with your campaign statuses, you should spend some time reviewing, implementing and testing your tracking code.  Once you’re confident that you’re tracking something meaningful then launch your PPC activity and you’ll have a much better grasp on what you’re driving.



Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing Google Analytics.  Analytics merits a separate discussion, but for this post accept this piece of software as omniscient and therefore essential to your PPC armoury.  So BEFORE you launch your AdWords account please ensure you have setup your Analytics and attempted to sync it with Adwords. Why? Because you’ll gain a much better understanding of how AdWords impacts your bottom line compared to other marketing mediums giving you a more comprehensive approach to optimising your account and the budgets within it.


campaign setting

Once you’ve created your campaigns you need to ensure they are setup correctly. AdWords provides you with some default options that could seriously hurt your wallet, pride and perspective if you pay them no attention. If you’re unfamiliar with these settings then we recommend paying attention to the following in particular:  Networks, Bidding Option and Locations.

With Networks it’s highly advised to never combine search and display as they target audiences at very different stages in the buying cycle, thus meriting different approaches.  With bidding options, don’t be afraid to use manual CPC bidding to give you more control of spend. This might seem risky but it’s not the most difficult aspect of PPC management so you should give it a try! Finally, locations are very important; think carefully about which countries you can cater to and which products are worth promoting there. At the very least, target the countries separately for easier analysis.  Having your campaign settings setup correctly will save you money, stress and confusion – trust me.


free advertising

Don’t setup a new AdWords account without some type of financial discount from the lovely folks at Google.  Usually you can get vouchers up to £75 which can (unfortunately) be only be applied to new accounts – but the little effort required is well worth the reward.  If you’re unsure about where to get a voucher then give us a call/email and we’ll get you a code.

We’ve only covered our top 5 issues, but there’s plenty more to be aware of! Hopefully these initial tips will help you in your journey and if we can be of any assistance then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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