PPC Optimisation Tips: Based on Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

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I was challenged with writing 5 PPC tips based on popular Arnold Schwarzenegger sound clips. Why? Because marketing inspiration comes from a variety of sources and Ahnuld is an absolute gold mind of life wisdom (as expressed through his acute acting talents).

For anyone who would like a recap on the 100 best Arnie quotes, check out this 9 minute video:


“It’s Turbo Time”

Was Arnold really highlighting the importance of accelerated ad delivery?

Ensuring your ad delivery is set to accelerated is essential to ensure full daily visibility and reliable data. If you run ads on ‘standard’ delivery you’re effectively saying that you want Adwords to show your ads evenly according to your campaign budget. So what’s wrong with that? Well, If you’re campaign budget  is not set high enough you’ll have periods of the day where your ads won’t run – which means potentially missing peak periods of business. So how do you work out the best time of day for your ads to run?

Solution: Leave your ad delivery to accelerated and build up a reasonable amount of data within your campaign (while looking for statistical significance). Then run an ‘Hour of the Day’ report from the dimensions tab to gain which time of the day should highlight your peak periods of the day – adjust your bidding strategy accordingly!


“Stop Shouting, I’m not deaf”

Arnie doesn’t like loud things, so why are you shouting in your adcopy?

Full capitalisation might seem like a good idea when it comes to ad copy awareness, but it’s against AdWords policy and will end up with your ad being dinged and not showing (ouch). If left disapproved, this means that you’re missing out on traffic and potential revenue due to policy violations. What should you do?

Solution: You can gain attention and play by the rules using title capitalisation. To easily convert all your ad copy to title capitalisation, use AdWords Editor and right click all your ads and select the option “change text capitalisation” and then “Title Case” – easy.


“Who are you?!”

Not one for conversing, Arnie’s a stickler for understanding audiences.

How well do you think you know your customers? It’s easy to say that you think your target market is X & Y – but when you check the AdWords data, you often get a reality check that can often positively feed into other marketing mediums you utilise.  So how can you use AdWords to find out more about your audience?

Solution: Check out your search query report and review top converted keywords for an idea of search language (are you using those keywords on your landing pages?). What about digging into your AdWords search funnel analysis to gather information like lag to purchase, searches before purchase and first click analysis?


“You Lack Discipline”

Targeted dumbbell reps helped Arnie, what tasks can help you?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your PPC account is – you need routine tasks that you perform every day/week/month to ensure you’re always on top of things and delivering value. Without routine, you end up falling into the habit of optimising by memory or short term goals (which can be harmful).  So what’s the best way to get some routine in your optimisation?

Solution: Setup a list of tasks to be completed by the end of the Day/Week/Month using an easy to use task management task list like Sandglaz (which is free).  Utilising this approach will force you to think about what’s important today and in the next 30 days!


“Com’on don’t bullshit me”

Arnie’s learnt to look at the whole picture, so should you!

AdWords gives you a host of data that’s meant to help you optimise your account’s performance, but also makes it difficult for you to easily understand the algorithm! Almost certainly driven by revenue because if you knew the secret formula then you wouldn’t need to spend so much time testing (which means less revenue for AdWords). So what the hell does this mean?

Solution: Don’t overlook time honoured gut instinct and hard won experience when it comes to optimisation. You’ll find that things like low Quality Score seem to haunt you wherever you look, but keep focused on what’s important! Remember that the Quality Score metric in the AdWords interface is only an indication of your actual real Quality Score used to calculate your Ad Rank, so focusing on relevancy rather than this single number should be your principal driver for optimisation.


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