5 Quick LinkedIn Tips

At this morning’s sold out New Media Breakfast in Edinburgh, Colin Gilchrist shared many, many great tips for LinkedIn.  Here’s a few that may not be rocket science but I was minded to write down.

New Media Breakfast

  1. Use a work e-mail address, not a private one – it lends credibility when you are “networking”
  2. Rather than use company search to find companies, go to advanced people search instead and search by job title
  3. When making cold approaches and are asked how you know Colin suggests using other and adding in their e-mail address.  He suggested using Google to find e-mail addresses by doing a search for “@domain” but in general try to avoid total cold – look for a link through someone else or a group.  Going totally cold risks your account being suspended.
  4. You can tag all your connections which can be very useful.  You can also now export all your connections.
  5. Colin made it clear that he doesn’t like people who automatically add all Twitter status updates to their profile.  He advocates putting #in onto the end of Tweets but only putting through a very small proportion of tweets and in general tailoring LinkedIn status updates entirely to LinkedIn.

I’ll be contributing to the next New Media Breakfast in where the topic is all about sharing.  Find out all at the new website for the Breakfasts.

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One thought on “5 Quick LinkedIn Tips”

  1. I’d like to add that although I find Linkedin incredibly useful I find its user interface appalling and would love the owners to invest in usability and accessibility. That aside there are many features within Linkedin that can be great for business development and nurturing relationships – long may it exist for that purpose!nps, you can find me here: http://linkedin.com/in/colingilchrist

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