6 Quick Reasons To Use Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

Facebook is now estimated to have 1.44billion monthly active users and 1.25billion mobile users. That is a LOT of people your business could be reaching out to. In short if you are not investing time in promoting your business through Facebook…. maybe you should?

Whether you are selling products, looking to drive leads online or promote your content, Facebook has a vast array of targeting options to suit your needs. Here are just 6 quick features to show you the capabilities that Facebook has.



Do you often visit a site and then notice relevant ads “following” you around when you scrolling through your news feed on Facebook? This is called Facebook remarketing. Facebook gives you access to a whole heap of targeting options but this is by far one of the most useful and cost-efficient.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook remarketing gives you a great deal of freedom with your targeting options: you can target all people that visit your site, segment your visitors by specific sections of your site, exclude certain visitors or target people who haven’t been back to your site in a while. Facebook also offers custom combination lists so you can put an almost endless number of these lists together to really narrow down your audience so you can make your advertising as relevant as possible. If you are running remarketing on Google AdWords then you should definitely consider expanding your reach to Facebook, it’s a no brainer really. 


Video Custom Audiences

Facebook video advertising

Video custom audiences are a really handy feature available within Facebook. Essentially, whenever you run a paid video promotion you can ask Facebook to create two audiences: people that viewed your video and people that viewed your video through to completion. This is a really insightful audience list to gain as it allows for further retargeting to a very engaged audience and can encourage them further down the conversion funnel.


Dynamic Product Ads

Released in February through their API, Facebook have introduced dynamic product ads. Dynamic product ads work in a very similar way to shopping feeds within Google AdWords and the Dynamic remarketing option. It is a list of the products that you promote on your site. Facebook uses this list to dynamically show users the exact products they viewed when they visited your site. This is a real must if you are an ecommerce business and will help you provide a real return on your advertising investment.


Import Your Email List

Looking to build your fan base or encourage further email sign ups? Facebook allows you to import your current email database straight into the interface and they will match these up with the relevant Facebook profiles, clever right? Once you have this list you can create lookalike audiences to target further signups from people who have very similar characteristics to that of people who have already signed up. You could also look to use this list to grow your fan base, after all these people are already clearly very engaged with your business so it is a great place to start. Just simply exclude your current fan base to make sure you are not promoting to current fans and you’re good to go.


Carousel Ads

Carousel ads or multi product ads were rolled out earlier this year and have the potential to show some great results and would recommend experimenting with them.

multi product ads

These ad formats allow you to showcase multiple products or pieces of content each with their own landing page all in one ad. Use from 3-5 images within Power Editor to promote your content add in individual headlines and description text to enhance your ads further. We think this is a great way to showcase your content in a creative and attractive manner and really, it doesn’t really look like an ad and so generally has good click-through stats.


Local Awareness Ads

Local Awareness ads target the area in which a user is physically present. This is great news for your bricks and mortar store. For example, a shop or restaurant  might want to target people within 1km of their business allowing them to use very specific language with their ad. Furthermore you can enhance these ads with a ‘call now’ button or ‘get directions’ for users on the go, socialising with friends who will be checking their Facebook news feed. Local awareness ads present smaller businesses with an affordable way to reach a lot of people in their area.

Hopefully these insights into what Facebook has to offer will wet your appetite and encourage you to get involved and start Facebook advertising. Start seeing an additional return from what can be an underutilized marketing channel.

Already using Facebook Advertising? Please let us know about your experiences so far and the success you have had? Alternatively, get in touch if you’d like to hear more about our Facebook Advertising expertise. 

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