A Curious set of Circumstances: Google Places

A phone call from a someone a few minutes ago was slightly eerie…

They had the wrong number and were looking for Davis Duncan Architects.  Actually they had phoned the correct number but this was wrong on the Google Places listing – it does indeed show our telephone number – 0131 220 1441.

The Google Places listing is below – clearly not verified by the owner:

Google Places - Davis Duncan

Normal enough, but strange that it was our phone number.  Seems we’ve traced this to Thompson Local…


  • I used to work at 15 Blair Street (but not for Davis Duncan)
  • One of our team has just moved to Blair Street
  • Davis Duncan isn’t even in that building

Ok, so not that spooky but worthy of mention!

Setup Google Places!

The guy that phoned was clearly trying to get hold of this company & was having difficulty (he mentioned this was the only result he was able to find) .  Clearly all businesses should take hold of their Google Places listing to avoid this sort of issue occurring.  Who’s to say this person will keep on trying to find the number or may just give us – lost business for a few minutes work.

Naturally if you need some help then we’d be delighted to guide you through the process of claiming your Google Places listing – we also have a host of Local Search packages available!

Consider some Brand PPC

It doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t take much to setup but it means your customers can find you.  Also – get your click to call numbers in for mobile devices, again feel free to call us to discuss low-cost brand PPC advertising.

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