Actionable Insights: The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast Google Analytics Presentation

With Edinburgh’s Tower Restaurant packed to capacity, our very own Ben Rogers gave a fantastic and non techie talk about Google Analytics as part of the New Media Breakfast series (an event also run in association with Winning Entrepreneurs  and Edinburgh E-Business Week).

Here are Ben’s slides.  We’ve also included the videos below (sorry – without Ben’s dulcet tones)

Summary of Coverage

The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast talk focused on the actionable insights of Google Analytics and covered the following areas:

  • Analytics Usage
    • Setting up Analytics
    • Goals (see Video below)
    • Funnels
    • E-Commerce Tracking
    • Advanced Segments (see Video below)
    • Annotations
  • Reporting (The Analytics Homework for attendees!)
    • Referrals with Goals (including video)
    • Keywords, Ranking and Goals
    • In-Site Search
    • Traffic Source
    • Exit Pages
  • Beyond Analytics

As requested (particularly by @NKD_Clothing) the following training videos below should help you get started.

Thanks to the National Museum of Scotland for allowing us to use their Analytics during the presentation and in these videos below.

Setting Up Goals in Analytics Video

Analytics Advanced Segments Video

(Additional videos and screenshots are available on the homework page)

Q & A

In traditional Attacat style, the ever-famous Attacat mug was rewarded/forced into the hand of any member of the audience who asked a question (luckily we brought plenty of mugs as there was no shortage of great questions).

Lawyer, Euan Duncan, from McClure Naismith asked a very interesting question relating to the potential privacy issues that might occur if organisations choose to use ClickTale services. Inspired by this, we’ve spoken to the Marketing Director from ClickTale and will be making a follow-up post in the next few days. (Subscribe here to receive it by e-mail)

Another interesting question came a bit later from @andrewnoyce who asked about recommended reading?  So for everyone who’s interested, here are a couple of our top reads (enjoy).

Please note that these are affiliate links (all proceeds get drunk)!

  1. Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity – Avinash Kaushik
  2. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics: Brian Clifton


It wouldn’t be very actionable without some audience participation now would it?!

In true Attacat style – Ben set the audience a task of completing some homework aimed at improving the attendees’ websites. Details here.

Keep in touch?

We hope you enjoyed the presentation, and would love to hear from anyone who has any questions or comments. Find out more about our involvement with the New Media Breakfasts here.

You can follow Ben or the Attacat team on Twitter: Ben Rogers @attacatben, The Attacat Brain @attacatbrain, The Best Bits @attacats

Or simply subscribe by good old fashioned e-mail.

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