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In researching the Attacat Brain I spent a lot of time trying to find easy ways to add a screenshot and/or cut and paste images directly into WordPress (the widely used open source blogging software).

The usual way to add images is to save it and then upload it. A fiddle. It would be so much easier if you could just cut and paste straight into WordPress. So far I haven’t found a solution but I have found one way of easing the process, especially if you want to edit (e.g. add annotations or otherwise make your screenshot more interesting) the image first.

SnagIt (free 30 day trial available) is simply the best screen capture software I know. Taking and editing couldn’t be easier. It’s also possible to send your screenshot directly to WordPress without saving and uploading.

The trick is an optional accessory called the Movable Type Output. (Ironically the WordPress Output only works with sites, not .org). Once enabled you can post your screenshot directly from SnagIt. You can also add your post title and add text commentary without ever going into WordPress.

Movable Type Send Window

The set-up is a bit tricky but talked through brilliantly by Chris McQueen (@snagittips) in this video (which he kindly put together for me).

Other Tools


This is a very easy to use tool. You simply copy an image, paste it onto the PicturePaste program, press a button and then drag and drop straight into the WordPress editor. It’s simpler than it sounds. I don’t use it though as the images are hosted by them – not a risk I want to take. Get PicturePaste here.


This tool looks ideal on paper but it just crashed so I removed the install. Seems to me that it just tries to take over your computer too much. One to watch maybe. iClippy site.

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