AdWords Sitelinks: Migration & Revelations


I recently blogged about Google rolling out the campaign sitelinks option to all campaigns in AdWords. Since then, there have been a few updates and revelations which have let my excitement for the ad extensions live on.


Firstly, the ad extension option has moved (within most accounts) to a new home within the AdWords interface. You should see an extra tab called ‘Ad extensions’.

AdWords Ad Extensions

Under this tab you can now edit location extensions, phone extensions and sitelinks. The new layout in this tab makes it easier to edit and test your URLs than before with clickable links.

In addition the long awaited statistics are now available for each campaign! Fantastic right?! Well… almost but not quite. You’re now able to see Clicks, Impressions, Click-Through-Rates etc but these are for your set of sitelinks rather than each individual sitelink.

Also the stats represent the performance of all ads within a campaign and as Google states that the clicks column “includes clicks on the ad headline as well as on the ad extension (if applicable)” meaning that you still can’t determine or analyse the click-through-rates for your ad headline vs sitelinks for example.

Sitelink Formats

Nothing ‘new’ as such, but I only touched on it very briefly in my last post. Basically adverts with sitelinks have 2 formats: two line & one line.

First position adverts with high quality scores can display two line sitelinks like below:

Two Line Sitelink

On the other hand, adverts showing below position 1 are more likely to show one line sitelinks which can include 3 to 4 links.

One Line Sitelink

Juicy Stuff

Now for the interesting finds… There has been a few discussions amongst ‘pay-per-clickers’ about what you can get away with in sitelinks to really manipulate the system and gain good results. Although at Attacat, we’d never advise going against Google’s terms of service (as you’re going to get picked up on it sooner or later) it is fun to see some experiments with sitelinks.

Finding out Quality Scores

The folks at Black Hat PPC always provide an interesting read and recently they figured out how to discover what quality scores are by looking at how many sitelinks an advertiser has and which position they’re sitting in. Worth a read even if you’re not doing any competitor analysis!

Funky Symbols in Adverts

Advertisers have been experimenting the use of different symbols and some of them are still getting away with it. As you can see in the example below (pinched from Black Hat PPC again) the heart symbols in the sitelinks do make the advert stand out more, so more likely to increase the click-through-rate.

Symbols in Sitelinks

Trademarked Terms in Sitelinks

A well known issue with PPC advertisers is bidding on trademarked brand names – using trademarks in advert copy is against Google’s editorial guidelines, who are very good at flagging these up and removing your adverts. However (and I’m sure this will change in the near future as Google get on top of it) some advertisers have found it possible to use trademark terms in their sitelinks, which is definitely a way to improve your click-through-rates!

Have you discovered any good examples of ads using sitelinks or found a cool trick to use? Let me know in the comments below!

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