Already No.1 for Georgie Barlow

OK, so we didn’t exactly set ourselves the biggest challenge. I checked the listings on Google on Monday morning to find that the blog had moved to the number 1 and 2 position already.

I have also checked the listing on computers that I don’t use to ensure that it isn’t simply a Google personalisation issue (Google automatically boosting ranks that it feels will be of interest to me specifically)

This progress however has not been achieved by pure fluke. I have taken a number of SEO considerations into account during the production of the blog and the “promotion” of it. As such it is still worthwhile talking through the process.

It is also likely that there is a “freshness” element going on where the site is getting credit for being new, attracting new links and being regularly updated so there may still be maintenance work to be done.

Of course Google isn’t the whole picture either. There is no sign of the site in MSN or Yahoo yet.

We could also consider rank domination – filling the top 10 with friendly sites all referring to you as opposed to someone else. Companies should really aim to achieve this for their “brand” searches as a brand search will often be part of a prospect’s research process.

At the moment we have four listings in the top 10 for Georgie Barlow

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