Analytics Opt-Out: Will secondary analytics be required following Google’s proposed plug-in?

Google have announced that they are developing a browser plug-in to allow people to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics, their increasingly ubiquitous web analytics software.

The obvious question this asks is whether Google Analytics will become less useful as a result?

No analytics program has ever shown 100% of activity 100% accurately.  However if this plug-in becomes widely adopted then it could certainly significantly downgrade the usefulness of the product.  Search Engine Land pointed out that it’s always been possible to opt out anyway by switching off javascript. However doing so opts you out of a lot of other functionality that, if not essential for modern day browsing, is certainly a nice to have.  The adoption could therefore be wider than Search Engine Land suggests.

Knowing Google, if it does reach the point of very high opt-out, they’ll offer a persuasive incentive to opt back in again in the form of useful tools or similar.

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