And Action! The first two chapters of our free marketing training course are live

It’s with a mixture of relief, excitement and trepidation that we are releasing the first two chapters of our free training resource into the wild.

  • Relief because it’s fair to say that a simple idea became a monster.

  • Excitement because it just might be the beginning of an interesting journey; and

  • Trepidation because there’s no shortage of contrarian opinion and I’ve pretty much slagged off every branch of marketing.  I am therefore about to encounter some well deserved abuse!

The whole course remains a work in progress but we feel that there is enough value in the first two chapters (just over 30 mins of content) to merit a “soft launch”, and selfishly, it represents a chance to get some real feedback.

Is it for you?

Ultimately we want it to be an “everything a Managing Director needs to know about marketing now we have an internet” resource.  However we very much hope that it will be appeal not just to business owners and directors but also to marketers of all backgrounds.  We are also optimistic that regardless of whether you are a student or a veteran executive that there will be something for you.

What’s it going to cost you?

Well, nothing. Other than your time of course and we are well aware that isn’t cheap. (Currently the 9 videos add up to a little over 34 minutes.  (We expect the first module to total about 2 hrs once complete)).

Is it any good?

Those who came to the offline version of the course were highly complimentary.  Those who’ve been testing the video training are saying nice things and I, being the perfectionist type, feel it’s not bad!

But ultimately only you can decide if its any good for you and that’s why we want to hear what you have to say about it.

How do you get started?

Just head over here and hit that big red button that says “Start Learning Now”…

 Attacat Training Site

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Some more about it’s origins and raison d’etre

The original idea for the course came from a desire to give our clients a proper insight into:

  1. why we do the things we do for them;  and

  2. to help them get more out of us and their marketing budget.

We started out with an offline version of the course.  We immediately noticed that conversations with clients after the course were more productive, understanding and focused than they had been before the course.

Based on that success we thought about making attendance at our training course compulsory before we began work with a client.  As you can imagine that went down well!  Not everybody can afford the cash or the time all in one go.

So whilst we don’t believe an online course can fully match the offline experience, it’s certainly much better than nothing.

The origin of the course is also tied up with my own journey to nail down exactly how and why marketing has changed rather than just instinctively knowing it has and what works  (as I discussed in this recent loooong post).

Is it different to everything else out there?

We think it is! Whilst those who live and breathe modern marketing will certainly recognise the strong influence of well known industry leaders and a lot of crossover with their own philosophies, we feel that, as a whole, it offers a new slant on marketing that far from everybody is talking about.  We sum this up as “Entrepreneurial Marketing” (not marketing for entrepreneurs but applying an entrepreneurial mindset to marketing whether you are an entrepreneur or not!)

We aren’t aware of any online marketing courses that don’t force registration either.

What’s coming in the future?

That’ll very much depend on the feedback and the uptake.  We’ve recorded the rest of the first module (another 16 or so videos) so we could get those out relatively quickly over the coming weeks depending on how the first ones are received.   Beyond that though we have loose plans for more modules.  That will take us well into 2014 and the rest of the team won’t allow me to do it unless we see a return on investment from the first module (I know, they’re such spoil sports aren’t they).

You’ll also notice a big disjoint between the design of the training course and the rest of the Attacat site.  Guess what our next project is!

Some thanks:

I’d like to thank all those who took considerable time to road test the first chapter when it was still under wraps. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to give up half an hour or more to help out and the feedback has been invaluable.

A massive thanks to the team here especially Danielle and Chelsey who’ve been putting in a huge amount of extra hours to get us to the point we have.

And the all important call to action again:

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[symple_button color=”blue” url=”” title=”Training CTA” target=”blank” border_radius=””]Click here to start training yourself[/symple_button]

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