Ask not what your internet marketing can do for you…

I was at a seminar yesterday, courtesy of Vistage Group, on the topic of marketing.  The speaker, Grant Leboff, summed up his message with a spin on the well known JKF quotation:

Ask not what your marketing can do for you, but what your marketing can do for your customers

I rather liked it as a good way of boiling down the concepts that many are now accepting as the new rules of PR and marketing, and one that certainly Grant is a proponent of.

Grant Leboff

Whilst the seminar was on marketing in general, it was very internet marketing centric.  Grant holds a view that you really only need to do two forms of marketing: online and word of mouth.

Afterwards I had a brief discussion around what he meant by “online” and he was the first to admit that the term is increasingly becoming misleading as it is more to do with what he calls “sticky” marketing which has offline elements too and certainly doesn’t encompass all online marketing.

Whilst I am certainly sold on the concepts behind it, I’m not sold on the phrase.  Perhaps “experience marketing” may be better but that’s a phrase already stolen (“experiential” – one of Ben’s favourite forms of marketing) and it doesn’t fully grasp the community, informational or search aspects.

Anyway I’m warbling, when all I really wanted to do was share Grant’s quotation and say if ever you get a chance to hear him speak, take it up.

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