Attacat Joel completes the Edinburgh Marathon

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After announcing I would run the Edinburgh Marathon on the blog earlier this year it wasn’t really an option to chicken out, so, despite not really training as much as I should, I took on the 26.22 miles on Sunday 22 May alongside hundreds of other enthusiastic and/or petrified runners.

The weather was changeable to say the least – cold and rainy at the start, with bursts of hot sunshine before another shower of rain. At least it meant we didn’t get too hot running. As it was my first marathon I wasn’t totally sure of the pace to take, but set off at a good rate and was very happy to be keeping up with some club runners.

Hitting the physical wall?

A certain lack of conditioning and experience with distances over 20 miles really caused me problems at around the 21–22 mile mark – a tendon in my right knee went and caused me to limp quite badly and seemed to set off a chain reaction of body failures, resulting in all of my leg muscles cramping up with a few miles to go! I had no choice but to walk; my body wouldn’t allow me to do anything else, even though I felt had the energy to run to the end. It was very painful and frustrating as I saw my chances of completing in under four hours disappear and runners stream past me, but “Them’s the breaks”.

In the end I crossed the line with a time of 4 hours 10 minutes – not bad for a first time. However it’s taken me a week to recover (knee still hurts) so think I’ll give marathons a break for a little while!


I managed to raise almost £300 in aid of AICR and would like to say huge thanks to everybody who contributed – it really is much appreciated and is going to a great cause supported by a great group of people. It was also great to meet Jack from AICR aka @laughingchance, who’s a lovely chap.

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One thought on “Attacat Joel completes the Edinburgh Marathon”

  1. well done Joel, by far the fittest or craziest Attacat! 🙂

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