Attacat Reading List #1

In order to stay ahead in the digital world, it is important that we are always learning and moving forward. This is a mantra that the Attacats hold dear and we try to regularly take a few minutes out of our day to read the latest digital marketing news. This sharing of information, even just within the office, is what keeps us going and on top of things.

I thought I’d try something new this week – instead of just sharing what we’re reading among ourselves, we’d like to share it with you. Because we have a few different teams within the office, we have a wide range of interests. These span not only within PPC and SEO, but to design, user experience and more. As we strive to make this a regular sharing platform, you’ll get an inside look at the Attacats and what makes us tick. Hope you enjoy!


 Technical and social challenges of conversational design

UX Design

This interesting article discusses a new trend in website design and the idea of making your website “conversational.” By using bots to simulate conversation and discussion, you personalise the experience for the user and gain further insight into what your customers/visitors are looking for. There is, naturally, quite a bit of work involved but the results were incredibly insightful and really paint a picture of the way sites could be moving – and how they can use the latest bot technology to discover more about their customers.



Local empathy: The new tool in your brand’s emergency kit

Moz Blog

Emergencies and disasters occur whether we like it or not. What never ceases to surprise me, though, is the way companies respond to them. In this age of social media, businesses can’t afford to turn a blind eye, especially if they are in the middle of it. This article takes a look at the way certain brands have responded to emergencies and how quickly their reputation can tarnish if they do not, or choose an overly “corporate” attitude. It’s also important to have a plan in place for when/if these disasters occur in order for the company as a whole to respond in a cohesive way.



Google launches “Optimize 360”


Google has launched a new product to add to their extensive list. Google Optimize, though still in beta, allows you to use key integrations like Analytics to review customer insights and test various experiences for your customer. You can choose between 3 experiment types as well as a Visual Editor which allows you to create a new landing page without needing to touch the code on the site! We think this is going to be an excellent tool to implement for various clients and look forward to testing it out!



10 reasons why SEO is just like fitness

Search Engine Land

Fitness is a big deal to most of the Attacats, and this article has an interesting take on the ideals of fitness and SEO – it spells out the importance of the long game. Thinking of the big picture is far more crucial in SEO than any “quick fixes” that can sometimes just keep you on track. Giving up before the data can prove itself is just like heading out for a 30-minute run and expecting to lose 5lbs.



Google has quietly dropped ban on personally identifiable web tracking


Interesting news from Google last week in regards to personal and privacy information – always a hot topic in the office. Google acquired ad network DoubleClick 9 years ago, at the time promising to keep advertising data separate from any personally identifiable information. Fast forward to today and they seem to be changing their tune. This is a big deal, because for years Google held their ground in not combining anonymous advertising data with personal information – something that companies like Facebook have been increasingly trying to do. Google is offering the option to opt out, but being an automatically opted-in setting, we can assume that most people will remain unaware.



Mailchimp’s 2016 Holiday Tips


In this colourful, scrollable infographic, Mailchimp has detailed 40 tips for making the most of your holiday marketing – something we all have on our minds (only 8 more weeks!). They cover all aspects of marketing including social, shopping, search, and (of course) e-mail. With topics like Plan, Target, Create, Optimise and Brand, this is the perfect place to start on your holiday campaigns.



Bing released expanded text ads globally

Search Engine Land

After running Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) in beta for a few months, Bing has finally released them to all markets this month. For those who are already running expanded ads through AdWords, Bing is giving you the option of importing your ETAs from Google Adwords to the Bing web interface/Ads Editor.


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