Attacats 5-a-side

Attacat have managed to group together a rowdy rabble of players to take part in a five-a-side football league – all hail the mighty ‘Attacats’!

Match report: Tuesday 9 March

The Attacats’ first game was at the Portobello Powerleague in Edinburgh. Our debut performance could be summed up as a combination of Pelé and a present-day Gazza: elements of magic followed by long spells of clumsy first touches and a general lack of fitness. I for one was half-dead after the first five minutes.

Our very own Ben Rogers was excellent in goal and kept the deficit down, Joel Lumsden bagged a few goals but also missed a fair few more, while I added my name to the score sheet as well. Joining the Attacat staff were the “skillful yet lippy” Levi, “steady-eddie” Kurt, “jam tart” Ross, and “fancy-dan” David, who all put in great shifts for the team.

In a generaly well-tempered clash (most of the ire was directed at the referee) our tactical naivety cost us goals, and despite a valiant attempt we lost 21-10. Considering this was our first game of the league I think we did OK, however manager Hannah “Chubby” Gibson has certainly got work to do!

We play every week at Portobello’s Powerleague in Edinburgh. If you’re interested you can find more details on the Powerleague website. Alternatively, you can follow Powerleague on Facebook and Twitter.

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