Attacat’s PPC Christmas list:

Yesterday I read an interesting article from SEW entitled ‘AdWords Christmas List: 6 New Features Google Should Add in 2013’ that tapped into some underlying issues I’ve had over the years. So if Santa is indeed reading this post (hi) I would like him/her to also consider some additional/complimentary points…please?!

Wish List
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Revenue in Editor

Michael Aspel would struggle to clarify this unexplained mystery – I’ve really no idea why there’s no revenue in Editor as it seems like a really obvious one.  Imagine pulling through revenue and ROI into Editor and being able to do your jiggery-pokery there?!

Revenue Data in Headline Graphs

I get that the dimensions tab provides this information but I can be a real sucker for data visualisations and so can others. I’ve often been in situations where a nice graph outlining revenue change would be great at short notice (yes I’ve heard of Excel).  Additionally, I’d like to use the Analytics Weekly/Daily/Monthly toggle in AdWords to review all the chart data – again it’s more of a quick overview but it would be dang useful.

Excel Automated Rules

When John Lennon wrote Imagine, I don’t think he was alluding to this but having the ability to create automated rules in excel and upload them into Editor would be such a joyous occasion that I could shed a tear.  Imagine creating a macro that automatically generated rules based on targets you wanted to achieve….ahhh.

Data Representation

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the option to present your data as some myriad of buttons, noises and comedy steam?! No… sure, I understand.  But in all seriousness, where’s the pie charts? Where’s the dot graphs? Surely we could get some additional visual elements to enhance top level optimisation?

Just for reference, I did a search for an humorous examples of a dashboards but everything was Star Trek orientated…


Ah yes experiments, remember when this had so much promise?!  We found this feature to be extremely difficult to implement and analyse….it also became a bit redundant when labels came along.  However the original concept is still a very important aspect for AdWords and I’d like to see some updates in this space next year.


Yup that’s my wish list in all its glory.  I’m more than aware that some of the issues may seem trivial or old news, but small things can become annoying over time! Nevertheless, if this posts somehow fails to reach the north pole and thus Santa, I’ll happy consider this a therapeutic outlet and welcome you to leave a comment to cast away your irritations.


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