Attacat’s PPC Glossary 2.0

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It’s time to present the much awaited PPC glossary 2.0 to the world. Since we published the first glossary (over two years ago now) much has happened in the Pay-per-click world and we feel that it’s about time to provide you with an updated version. Our latest PPC glossary should enable you to communicate with any PPC professional  and avoid sounding like a noob.

What is covered in our new PPC Glossary

This new version of the glossary contains all of the basic terminology that was covered in the first edition, as well as a few more advanced terms that we feel have been added to the standard PPC terminology during the last couple of years. We hope that it will suit both beginners to PPC as well as a few of you more experienced PPC wizards out there.

We are sure that there will be reasons to provide you with yet another update in the future as PPC, and the terminology used, always continues to evolve. As always, feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about any specific terms covered in our glossary.


We hope you enjoy your read!

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