‘Best thing ever’ advert copy

I have a background in marketing.  I appreciate the role of effective communication in targeting a specific market segment. However, I sometimes  find myself unable to construct adequate advert copy that goes past ‘here is the product. Buy now’.

This situation often reminds me of an espisode of family guy. The clip shows a mock up of a typical American childrens tv advert, with intense call to actions & a weak USP.

I think the key lesson here is to remember who you are communicating with.  Advert copy requires a level of artistic input. You are communicating with humans – people looking for solutions, not just obvious statements like you are on-line.  Ask yourself who your target market is and why they might want your product/service.  Don’t underestimate them!

Imagine your potential searcher, crawling the sponsored  adverts. Vague product descriptions followed by weak call to actions are aplenty. . .  does your ad copy stand out?!

Whenever i am in doubt, I watch this family guy clip and look at my advert copy……BUY NOW!

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