Burning Issues at Attacat Part 1 of ? – The Attacat Colour

Every now and then we thought we would post about general goings on within the office – issues that have been vexing or simply entertaining us.

The Attacat Colour

With the creation of the new website we decided to update our corporate colour. This was brought on largely by Sarah (yes we have a creative in our midst) who felt we needed to be seen as less “old world bank” and “more zingy advertising agency” (my words not hers!).

Personally I was quite happy with the bank look as I felt it emphasized our key value of focusing on our clients’ bottom line as opposed to a not-necessarily-based-on-any-business-fundamentals-but-exciting concept.

However whilst it may seem old hat to us I was reminded that search engine advertising is still rapidly expanding and is still very young (in a non-ageist type of way) as a medium. Furthermore we have a tendency towards child-like over enthusiasm, on occasion. So we decided to re-look at our blue.

Next came the exasperation of the 5 versions of the new website (this was a couple of months ago), each with a slightly different blue. It was at this point that we realised that just because we like a colour on one screen, it doesn’t mean it will look as good on another. Worse still, on LCD screens, it looks different depending on the angle you view it from. Argh.

And after all that, I bet you didn’t even notice the change!

Having bottomed that all out eventually, last week the old wound was opened again when our ever patient graphic designer (Simon from Waterbomb) came round to discuss some print work and guess what? We had to choose the colour again.

“No problem” he had said, “let’s just match it to the screen”. Now that was a dead certain method of getting me to feel blue (with the odd hue of red). Luckily Sarah took charge and narrowed it down quickly with insights such as “too cornflower blue, bit less indigo”

So now we are just down to deciding between pantone 299 or 3005. Feel free to let us know your thoughts (I would have put the two colours up here for you to see, but yes – they will look different on your screen).

Sarah put her finger on the pain (in my case rather than hers) of the process perfectly with a gleeful comment about how this reminded her of how furious Martyn had got when choosing paint colours for their house. In Martyn’s book (and mine obviously), it simply isn’t fun being made to choose between 6 different shades of white.

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