Business phone number legislation change: A simple explanation

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You’ve undoubtedly been made aware of the upcoming rule changes to the advertisement of service phone numbers (those that start with 084, 087, 09 or 118).

We’ve been inundated with related information and have found ourselves saying “and what is it you actually want us to do to comply?”. Instead of indulging an instinct to shrug the shoulders and move on to other tasks, we decided to distill this information down to its simplest possible form (for you, of course).


Be prepared for the rule changes regarding the display of service numbers


If you are still using 084, 087, 09 or 118 numbers, from the first of July you’ll need to add the snappy (ahem) “Calls cost Xp per minute plus your phone company’s access charge” to phone numbers on your website (and where ever else they appear).

If you are using these numbers, you’ve got two choices:

1. Change them to geographic (e.g. 0131) or toll-free numbers (0800 or 0808); or

2. Plaster your site with notices (personally, we prefer the first option!)




If you absolutely, positively need more detailed information, we recommend perusing the information supplied by UK calling.

Furthermore, if you use phone tracking on your website, it’s possible you’ve forgotten that you actually do use these numbers. We’d suggest logging into your phone tracking system to find out what numbers you are using in order to take the necessary action.

If you’d like to discuss these changes in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for more upcoming additions to the Attacat Brain.



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2 thoughts on “Business phone number legislation change: A simple explanation”

  1. Ian says:

    Using 080 numbers comes with additional cost to business. In order to make the calls free for all callers the call recipient has to pay a Call Origination Fee to the caller’s landline or mobile provider in addition to paying the call handling and call forwarding costs.

    Calls to the 03 range of numbers are charged at the same rate as calling 01 and 02 numbers and count towards inclusive allowances on landlines and mobiles. These numbers cost businesses less to run than 080 numbers as they only have to pay the call handling and call forwarding costs. The vast majority of callers can call 03 numbers at no charge by using their inclusive allowance on their landline or mobile.

    Ofcom made 03 numbers available in 2007 and specifically reserved the 034 and 037 ranges for those who want to move away from the matching 084 or 087 number. Those who need a completely new number can choose one starting 030 or 033. The 030 range is available only to public services, charities and healthcare organisations.

    • Attacat Tim says:

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your very useful insights

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