Channel 4 – Clever Cookie Persuasion

Some of you may have received an email today from Channel 4 to let you know that they had updated their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy – some of you, like me, may not even remember signing up to be on Channel 4’s mailing list!

The email included a link to a video of Alan Carr explaining how ‘in love’ Channel 4 are with you – it is their new ‘Viewer Promise’, launched today. A very sweet simple video – with music that sounded like it had bounced straight out of an Innocent smoothie advert – all about how Channel 4 manage your personal data.

All the information on their promise can be found here.

We here at Attacat think that this is a pretty great way to persuade your users to say yes to advertising cookies and surrender their personal details…surely cookies cant be a bad thing – Alan Carr said so!!

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