Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #10: (Hijacked by Zach) – Live streaming and instant articles

A real mixed bag for the 10th edition of the reading list. We highlight yet another cool Facebook advancement, why Amazon are so interested in people watching eagle nests and Google’s continued evangelism of mobile content.


The twitch phenomenon

Live streaming content is certainly not ground breaking news. But why are Amazon sooooo interested in one of their latest acquisitions, The online gaming live stream platform excited their new owners because of its 106 minute average user session time.

The ever increasing trend of ‘binge watching’ our favourite online content continues to push digital marketing in an unclear direction. Current live streaming providers range in content from photoshop experts and webmasters applying their trade to simply keeping a watchful eye over an eagle nest. We’ll have to wait patiently to discover exactly what Amazon have planned for


Apps are first-class citizens

Finally! Just what SEOs have been crying out for – more content to supervise the indexing of. Google have recognised that in-app user experiences often result in higher satisfaction levels than with traditional webpage sessions on mobile devices.

Accordingly, they are now encouraging digital marketers to use ‘deep linking’. This refers to a process using special HTML code that allow apps to be indexed as if they were normal webpages. They’ve also devised a way to allow mobile users to access related content without having the app installed on their device. It seems as though “mobilegeddon” was no myth.



Instant articles on Facebook

Have you ever stumbled across an interesting article in your Facebook feed only to die of boredom as the page tries to load? Those of you that can relate would be pleased to know that these problems look to have been solved.

Facebook have applied the same technology that allows for lightning fast image and video download to news articles displayed in user feeds. The new functionality will delight both users and marketers alike with interactive, immersive stories as well as the ability of publishers to sell their own advertising space within the articles. As if average Facebook session times weren’t large enough already.



5 steps for SEO competitive analysis and research

A thorough analysis of your competitors is key when developing an SEO strategy. But how deep do you need to dig in order to improve your search rankings? This article suggests a simple five step process which aims to refine your strategy’s focus and subsequently give your rankings a healthy boost. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with us if you are having any SEO related issues.


Content marketing vs. native advertising

The struggles of outbound marketing are ever present as client focus continues to sway in favour of content. Moz have performed an interesting (and highly detailed!) study investigating the capabilities of content marketing and native advertising in terms of return on investment.

The study suggests that the success of each method is contextual (surprise, surprise) and that companies should endeavour to invest in both native and content based marketing efforts. With National Geographic demanding a minimum spend of $150,000 for the building of a native advertising campaign, deep pockets seem to be a prerequisite to play.


Thanks for making it through my first edition of the reading list (reluctantly handed over by Charlie). Fear not if you’ve been craving a post from our talented blog contributor and SEO whiz, Charlie – her absence from the Attacat brain will undoubtedly be short lived.

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One thought on “Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #10: (Hijacked by Zach) – Live streaming and instant articles”

  1. paul says:

    Nice rundown. Can attest to the stickyness of twitch – my teens never turn it off to the woe of my wireless bill. Happy to read of the Facebook advancement. Hopefully will allow delivery of better content via FB to users without abandonment.

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