Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #3: Storytelling, Hacks & Title Tags

Got yourself a spare 10 minutes? Lucky you! Why not spend it reading some useful articles which are helping the Attacat’s have an easier life. In this edition there’s a couple of things you should definitely already know about as they’re pretty old but we’ve been reminding ourselves so you should too.

As well as that we’ve including a few articles that provide some useful business and analytical insights that might help you to look at your business and data reporting in slightly different way. Check it Ooot!

New Title Tag Guidelines & Preview Tool by Moz

Over the past few months you might (should) have noticed that Google have been testing out some new SERPs pages designs, including changes to both organic and paid listings. Google finally rolled these out on-mass in March and significantly noticeable changes were made to the basic look of a search result, changes to the look of extended site-links and changes to the way image-based searches look, along with a load of other small design changes. One thing this did was impact is the importance of optimised title tags; the new design has increased the font size of your title tags, meaning that a full 6 characters have been lost along the way.

Moz title tag tool

Moz has put together a redefined list of guidelines for optimising your title tags and have included a handy tool which allows you to test out your new title tags. Another Google SERP Snippet Tool Attacat is quite fond of is by SEO Mofo which allows the addition of rich snippets and other display options.

Tell A Meaningful Story With Data

A really insightful article about how most companies are well aware that they need to tell a meaningful story with and through their data, however few are actually doing it properly and most aren’t actually giving their customers what they want to know.

Unknown Heroes

One thing that I took away from this article is that graphics and visualisations are often used in excess and with little value when telling a story with data when in fact, visuals should only be used to aid the narrative and should not overpower the story. On the basis of this, interactive data visualisatons can be extremely beneficial in supporting the narrative as a way help to provide more context if the reader wishes for it but in its static form it is simply a visual aid.

5 Sales Hacks That Will Change Your Business

Max Altschuler, a renown entrepreneur and business development specialist shares 5 of his ‘secret’ sales hacks that have helped him to grow and change the companies he has worked with, and continues to work with. This one’s particularly important for Attacat at the moment as we’ve starting digging deeper into our sales processes and what we need to do to keep up with the changing pace.


I really like Sales Hack #2 and different approaches you should take when cold emailing different types and sizes of companies. It’s also very reassuring to hear that not even Max gets a successful response to every cold email.

3 Ways Merchants Can Gain More Visibility On Google

These 3 tips are something every online marketer should know and so I’ve included this as an in-your-face reminder that even though you might have impeccable SEO, well optimised ads and competitive products/services and prices, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically doing it better than your competitors.

One tip I’ll certainly be looking to implement is the use of Google Consumer Surveys which allows website owners to survey their Google audience to get an indication of customer satisfaction. As with many things, the chances of these ratings actually showing in your Adwords ads is up to the discretion of the Google gods but hey, it’s worth having in place for when they decide to flick the switch right?

Gmail Go-To Actions

Google continues to make their email experience more interactive with Gmail Go-To Actions. This was actually launched by Google back in 2013 but seems to be picking up popularity and momentum this year. The coolest thing about this feature is that developers to speak markup language have the ability to manipulate actions to do whatever they like by simply adding a straightforward piece of code to their emails.

Gmail go-to actions

If you’re a marketer that uses email on a consistent basis you’d be silly to turn down the opportunity to further increase the interactivity of your email as well as to improve your email’s click-through-rate.

Good job, thanks for getting to the end of the post. What have you been reading this week? Come on, don’t keep it a secret – at the end of the day, we’re nosey knowledge hoarders and want to know what you know.

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