Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #4: Landing Pages & White Hats

The last couple of weeks have been pretty dramatic SEO-wise, any half awake digital marketer will know what I’m talking about here. The Payday Loan 2.0 algorithm update which targets spamtastic queries and then the biggie, Panda 4.0. This one included both a data refresh and algorithm update which saw some interesting rankings flux and some noticeable changes to the ‘Big 10’, especially for eBay who saw some significant ranking drops.

Nevertheless the world must go on, the internet continues to tick over, pigs still can’t fly. I’ve put together a list of interesting reads for you to ponder over and don’t forget to give us a shout if you’ve read anything extra interesting this week.

Finally, An Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimisation


  • Landing pages rule. Blah.
  • Homepages suck. Blah.
  • Do some A/B testing. Blah.
  • Base your optimization strategy on customer feedback. Blah.

How do you cut through these boring (but true) statements related to landing page optimisation? Read the blog post obviously.

Why Content Marketing Fails

Apologies for another Moz mention but they’ve been putting out some pretty handy stuff recently so I don’t mind seeming like a bit of a fanboy. This quirky slideshow on why content marketing fails is a good reminder of the complexity of building a lasting content marketing strategy and why so many companies go about it in completely the wrong way.

Check out the slideshow, embedded below for your convenience.

6 White Hat Link Building Tips for 2014

Despite what you might think, internet marketing hasn’t completely moved on from link building and link authority is still one of the most critical SEO and ranking factors out there. It’s just the way we should go about it that has completely changed, and for the better. Any experienced digital marketer will be able to tell you horror stories about spammy links, link farms, black hat linking building and the likely outcomes of getting your business involved with these kinds of tactics, I’m talking Google penalties and manual actions.

Creepy black hat stock photo
Creepy black hat stock photo

Nevertheless link building is still a critical part of most companies marketing plans so going about it in the most white hatted way possible is an absolute must.

Content Promotion: The Difference Between Brands with Fans & Anonymous Content

On a similar vein, with Google telling us all the ‘white hat’ link building tactics that we’ve been using over the past few years now funnily enough, not being ‘white hat’, where do we go from here? Google simply says “build your brand, build great content” but it’s just not that simple is it?

This blog post provides some alternative and additional tactics for link building that won’t give you in trouble with Google, not today anyway.


We’re keeping it short and sweet today guys so don’t forget to give us a shout if you’ve got something to share with the gang. See you next month and remember to put your white hat on.

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