Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #5: Toolkits, Generators & MeasureFest

Guys, guys, gather round the campfire. Let’s tell some stories: tales of awesome email design toolkits, mysterious new Twitter promoted tweet add-ons and that well-known urban legend about the death of SEO and the rebirth of content.

All covered in this series of my Quick Fire Reading List.

The Email Design Toolkit

This toolkit is almost like a rolling infographic of the dos and don’ts involved in email design and marketing. We’ve got a few email marketing design templates on the go for clients at the moment so this dropped into my inbox with impeccable timing.

The toolkit has some really useful stuff on mobile rendering and device-based inputs, a must-read and potentially useful tool for anyone investing in email marketing.

Google Analytics Event Tracking Code Generator


It’s ok to admit that sometimes your brain is just mush, we all know it happens. That’s why it’s sometimes useful to have tools available that mean your brain doesn’t have to work for a few minutes. Our lovely developer Chelsey introduced this tool to me and I use it on a weekly basis (he hum, I mean, only on brain-mush days).

This generator is a fantastically simple way to generate the code used to track events in Google Analytics. It basically just takes all of the thinking out of the matter. I know, super lazy but hey ho.

Introduction to Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards

Back in May, Twitter announced an add-on to their promoted tweet offering in the form of Lead Generation Cards. Basically the new feature is pretty darn cool as it allows you to make your tweets actionable, with the inclusion of a call-to-action. Lead Generation Cards can be used by anyone that has a Twitter Ads account and are completely customisable including the text, image, and call to action button.

Better yet, those with MailChimp accounts like some of our clients can connect their Lead Generation Card straight to their account. Super handy!

Scaling Quality Content

A good post on the continued learning that there is a huge disconnect between quality and scale when it comes to content. This post is written by Mike King of IPullRank, a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences around the globe. Mike has long been an advocate of delivering and achieving quality at scale and is thankfully sharing his approach with the SEO community.

Meh Facebook button

His post talks about the need to differentiate a ‘content strategy’ and ‘content marketing’ and how in 2014 marketers are still failing to see the difference and how this is biggest problem when trying to create high quality content that actually delivers measurable results. Basically, another big rant about how ‘content is SEO’ but definitely worth a read to continue reminding yourself.

Decks from MeasureFest May 2014

MeasureFest is a one day digital marketing conference focusing on analytics, data, conversion rate optimisation, and business intelligence. The best thing about it however is that MeasureFest is absolutely free; a tonne of free tickets get released for each conference. For those that don’t manage to snap up a free ticket or can’t make it to the conference (it’s in London by the way), MeasureFest release all the decks from the conference for you to feel like you were there.

Ones we’ve gone through and found interesting so far are Dara Fitzgerald’s Most Common Universal Analytics Issues and Beth Granter’s Network mapping and measuring relevant influence.

Thanks again for tuning in and please do share with your friends!

Also, completely unrelated World Cup 2014 chat – watch this, it’s adorable.

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