Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #6: Quality Score Cats & Natives

The latest series in my Quick Fire Reading List has got a heavy PPC feel to it and you know what, you’re gonna love it.

Branco Adpauser

This truly is the sweetest, most beautiful music to any PPC Account Manager’s ears, an AdWords script that automatically pauses your ads if your site goes down. Better still, it also re-enables your ads when your site comes back online.

As with most things, problems usually occur when you’re not expecting them, for example your site going down overnight or at the weekend when you’re not directly monitoring it. What could be worse than wasting your AdWords budget on clicks that ain’t going nowhere? Lucky, really, that Branco have developed a script to tackle this issue. You’ve no excuse to not find out more and download the free script today, really.

Settling the (Quality) Score


Another one for the PPC zoo keepers out there, is a white paper by Google on how to understand and utilise AdWord’s quality score. This edition in AdWord’s Best Practices Series talks about the quality score metrics that are being used to generate your ad’s quality scores, why you should pay attention to your quality score (but also why it shouldn’t be your primary obsession), and how to pimp your quality score and generally get more out of it.

Google Quietly Removes Author Stats From Google Webmaster Tools Labs

The Google Author Stats report was launched by Google back in 2011 and showed Webmasters who used authorship markup how successful their writing was across the sites they wrote on. Google very quietly retired this report last week and this follows their retirement of author images back in June. A bit more detail and a few more conspiracy theories in the link above.

VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: Defining The Native Advertising Landscaping

What is Native Advertising you say? Native Advertising is a media type that combines  paid and owned media, kinda like paid-for syndicated content, but not. How about you watch the video and find out? It’s turning into a bit of a ‘buzz phrase’ in the advertising/marketing industry at the moment, even The Guardian have written about it.



To give an example for those who can’t be bothered to watch the video, Native Advertising to me is a sponsored article from a brand on Buzzfeed, i.e. promoted content that you don’t feel totally disgusted for clicking on as it doesn’t have that promoted and artificial ‘feel’ about it.

What’s crept onto your reading list this week? Give the Attacats the low down!

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