Christmas in July: Cool Stuff in PPC This Month

Paid search Santa came early this year, delivering a whole bunch of goodies to the children of Account-Managementland. We’ve hoped and we’ve dreamed and we’ve been good all year long. Now it’s time for presents.

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To PPC Account Managers, From Google:

  1. PLA Product Reviews – Google announced product reviews for PLAs (product listing ads) for the US market on Tuesday. You may have caught my post a few weeks ago on how important Google Shopping is, and this announcement has really amped up how clickable and enticing product listings ads are. Getting the new reviews on your ads will require a sign up to a third party review aggregator and a form submission to Google, but UK advertisers will have to hold their horses for now. Currently this is just a US launch, but we can expect a roll out for the rest of the world in the coming months. The anticipation is killing me.
  2. Dynamic Sitelinks – This instant access gift isn’t waiting for a global release; it’s ready right now! Google has started using data from an individual’s comparison shopping behaviour to dynamically create links for ads that are the most relevant to that user’s end goal. Dynamic sitelinks won’t replace already manually created ones, but rather will be an additional link when Google thinks it will perform well. Do you want to hear the best bit? I couldn’t even believe it at first, I had to read it twice. Clicks on dynamic sitelinks are free! Say what?! I know!!
  3. New AdWords Editor Functionality For Shopping Campaigns – I’ve been a shopping campaign convert for going on near a year, here. Even when they were sloppy beta-campaigns that were difficult to engage with and hard to manipulate, I knew they were absolutely rife with potential. Now that Google is replacing PLA opportunities in standard search campaigns with Shopping Campaigns, they’ve finally admitted to the lack of genuine functionality provided for this in Editor. While Shopping campaign creation is still limited to the AdWords interface, you CAN now bulk bid change in AdWords editor! New reports for Shopping are also available for download in the interface making better analysis a lot more simple.

To PPC Account Managers, From Bing:

  1. URL Auto-tagging – Bing jumped the gun on July Christmas and delivered this pressie at the end of June. Not that I’m complaining. Sometimes I go look at my Bing accounts just to make sure this gift is real and not some sort of digital snipe-hunt.
  2. Updated Online Interface – I’m sure you’re well aware of the old adage about imitation and flattery. Bing is driving this point home with an update to the stying of their interface. We make a point at Attacat to ensure our Bing qualifications are up to date, but I admit I still struggle when switching back and forth quickly between AdWords and Bing. This update will make cross management much easier and faster.
  3. Online Insertion Orders – The Attacat Office has February 14th marked in their calendars as a very special date, a date when we gather around and cherish what we really care about and pay extra special attention to something that’s very important:  Bing Insertion Orders.  I would tell you about the process for insertion orders (an order put through to Bing for probable spend over a year), but I’m trying to keep this blog post under 10,000 words. Suffice to say that putting this process online is an absolute GOD SEND from Bing. What does this mean for you? Less time spent liaising with overseas account managers about the quality of jpgs of our personal signatures and more time spent optimising! Yaaaaay!!

We’ve been spoiled rotten this month! A girl could really get used to these kinds of updates.

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