Competitive Advantage

I was lucky enough to be invited to be a workshop in Gateshead this morning by Vistage Group 21. It was presented by Jaynie Smith author of the book “Creating Competitive Advantage”.

I read the book a couple of months a go and it was instrumental in the shaping of our new Attacat website. Having a refresher on the topic this morning allowed me to consider how her insights could be applied directly to search engine advertising.

She hit on the reason why so many sites under perform – the failure to properly answer the “Why Us?” question.

If we fail to properly understand or communicate our companies’ competitive advantages, then our prospects will only ever ask “How much does it cost?”. Not an area most of us want to compete in.

Addressing the question properly seems to boil down to quantifying the benefits we offer and then consistently communicating and delivering those benefits. (Of course, those benefits need to address our prospects actual rather than perceived concerns.)

For Attacat this means the difference between saying “we achieve great results” and “On average we increase sales from our clients SEA campaigns by 96% in the first 2 months”

Applying this logic to search ad copy, backed up with the same message on your website, sales meetings and ultimately in delivery has the potential to significantly increase the ROI from search campaigns.

This summary does not do justice to what was an outstanding workshop packed with practical ways to get your competitive advantages in order. In future posts, I’ll look at some of her other insights that can impact search campaign ROI.

Jaynie Smith & The Millennium Bridge in Full Swing

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