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Highlighted in a recent article by BBC Newsbeat, YouTuber Evan Edinger recently shared the 5 main ways he monetises his vlog: AdSense, Patreon, affiliate links, merchandise and brand ads. The latter, brand ads, can certainly prove the most lucrative. However with increasingly educated audiences and the rise of micro-influencers, we question how long big brand deals will prove effective.

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633 Million

In other YouTube news, the platform has released its end-of-year-list detailing the top ten most-watched videos from 2017. Surprisingly, two ads made the top 10. Unsurprisingly, one was Lady Gaga’s halftime show at the Super Bowl. Altogether the chart-topping videos reached a whopping 633 million views.


Though not all YouTube views were created equal. The platform has announced plans to have 10,000 people policing its content through 2018, in a bid to ensure viewer safety. This comes as CEO Susan Wojcicki commented that it had flagged 2 million videos for violent, extremist content since June.


In a report by Episerver, it was discovered that 92% of consumers visit ecommerce sites without an intention to purchase. 45% research a product or service on their first site visit, whilst 26% compare prices. This highlights the importance of understanding the needs of site visitors. Companies should provide engaging content to guide prospects through the process and set their sights further than first-time conversion. To aid conversion at a later date, brands should improve the overall customer experience with good CRO, UX, design and usability.


Google Analytics has just released 4 new functions offering more user-centric insights. Given what we’ve learnt about the purchase intent (or lack thereof) of first-time site visitors, one of the most interesting new features is ‘Conversion Probability.’ This intelligent calculation uses data from past transactions to give the probability that a user will convert in the future, allowing marketers to target potential converters in their remarketing campaigns. This exciting new tool will roll out in beta in the next few months.

Spotted By: Attacat Tim

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