Digital 2013: Fireside Panel Debate

Multiple Platforms – Are you at the right Station?

Reflecting on our appetite for changing media, like how
we love to use social media whilst watching TV, can
we keep up with the constant reshaping of our digital
space?, Are we using the right platform?, Are we
missing out on something? Our panel will chat about
the changes affecting their markets and provide insights
into future business opportunities that lie ahead for
digital and creative leaders. Of course the debate will
be mashed up by your questions to the panel.

Chair: Juile Moulsdale, Managing Director at Perspective Partners



(The below are Tim’s notes from Digital 2013.  They have been posted during the session and will be tidied up later – more Digital 2013 here)

The video of this debate are below these notes.

All speakers now on the stage. Watch me fail as I try to keep up with this!

Fireside Debate Stage

Q: How can we increase the penetration of LinkedIn users in Scotland

A: Down to workplace culture.  But need to show the benefits of all the new LinkedIn functions that will be useful to Scots.  A lot of people have not realised how LI is no longer just a jobs board

Q: Thoughts on bring your own device to education

A: Lot of schools locking into a single device e.g. tablet. Do you let the kids take the technology home? (Will they get mugged?). BYOD will definitely happen in higher/further education.  Big efforts from large compnaies (Google, Samsung etc) to get technology into schools

Q: Wild west out there in gaming. How do games company cope with backlash from parents?

A: Its about balance. Nobody wants their kids to come home for three hours and game everyday.  Age gating is coming (US legislation driving this).

Q: Do you encourage community managers in local areas to build up Notice

A: Yes, absolutely. Seen Notice as a utility for local communities.  Took concept of local real life notice boards and sought to provide the local equivalent.

Q: Adoption of technology in education in developing world – is there a danger of UK being left behind

A: Yes. China is ahead of us. No reason why emerging countries will not overtake us if we aren’t careful. Lot to learn from innovation in BRICS countries. In many ways not

Q: How important is story telling in promotion of digital services?

A: Very. marketing is completely different now.

Q: Polish and perfection or lean start up style 70% complete approach?

A: Consumer doesn’t see you as a lean startup. Whatever you decide to do, you have to do it well.  However, lots you can do before launching worldwide. Friends, certain geographies.  Critical to get prototypes out there very quickly.

Q: Brands deal with agencies. How do developers get to brand directly to avoid agencies adding a zero to the cost?

A: No easy answer.

Q: How much does LinkedIn see itself as a media company

A: “We are now a publishing platform”. The engagement is coming from the content.

Q: What age should kids start coding?

A: 5.  See Lets code. Young rewired state



Digital 2013: Fireside Panel Debate: Multiple Platforms – Are you at the right Station? from Interactive Scotland on Vimeo.


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