Digital 2013: Keynote 2 Secondary Sales

Building Relationships with the World’s Professionals

LinkedIn are making a bold push into content: creating
it, curating it and working with Thought Leaders to
cut through the incredible online clutter. As their
platform continues to transform into a destination
for consumption and publication of business content,
Mark will explain how this is fuelling member growth
and engagement, as well as discuss how companies
are leveraging and building deeper relationships with
key audiences by connecting members to the ideas &
insights they are seeking.

Speaker: Mark Treacy, International Director at LinkedIn

Twitter: @marktreacy85



(The below are Christie’s notes from Digital 2013.  They have been posted during the session and will be tidied up later – more Digital 2013 here)

You can also see Mark Treacy’s slides and a video of this presentation at the bottom of this blog post.


LinkedIn 4 years ago didn’t have much to engage with, at that time they were not making people more productive or successful which is one of their key goals now.

Their home page now hopes to serve up relevant content based on the choices you have made and information you have put into your profile. This change has been a key driving force in their change which means they now gain 2 members per second meaning every 6 days they have another one million members!

Their members are driven by the markets you would expect:

  • 13 million in Brazil.
  • 12 million members in the UK .
  • 450, 000 members in scotland.
  • 132,000 in Glasgow
  • 161,000 from Edinburgh
  • 22,000 Inverness.

Their 3 member value proposition are Identity, Insites and Everywhere.


Connect find and be found.

More and more people are starting to realise how important it is to position your self in the digital world, and your LinkedIn profile is how you can pin a profile of yourself in this world and position yourself to current/prospective clients etc

64% of members expect companys to have a profile, really important that your company have one


A destination for professional content and insite.

All the below together mean that the platform is a more compelling place, it has moved from what was a job site to a content and networking site – and is now a really valuable business resource.

Linkedin Today: A Personalised digital newspaper, based on your industry and job function it also draws through what has been shared by your network

Influeners Programme – The most fanned person on Facebook is Rhianna and on LinkedIn Richard Branson is the most followed, shows how people are engaged when on different platforms

Company pages and LinkedIn groups

Slideshare: They purchased last year: 10m presentations have already been uploaded.


2 years ago 11% of LinkedIn page views came from mobile, it is now it is 27%, and is forecasted to be 40% in one year. Pre tablet it was a 9am-6pm site, but now tablet and mobile has completely changed how people engage with the site. Adding value is essential in showing the the LinkedIn newsfeed.

Company pages: HP company page. Has all of their product details as well as loads of really relevant content that is distributed in a very targetted way. LinkedIn provide tools to help you target content to your customers to increase purchase likelihood by 37%

IE Business School website has a login on their website where you can log in via linked in that will recommend the best course for you based on your LinkedIn information.

Mark Treacy’s Slides:

Digital 2013, Mark Treacy, LinkedIn from Interactive Scotland
Video from 2013:

Digital 2013: Mark Treacy, LinkedIn, Secondary Sales – Building Relationships with the World’s Professionals from Interactive Scotland on Vimeo.

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