Digital 2013 Notes: Keynote 1 Thinking Digital

Returning value from your Digital Investment

With an average of 3 in 10 ads that are never actually
seen by their target audience, it’s more important
than ever for advertisers to evaluate campaign view-
ability to improve optimisation and maximise the return
on their media spend. So how do you evaluate your
audience?, what are the devices they use? and how do
you make sure ‘that content’ is delivered accurately
and returns revenue?

Speaker: Chris Thomson, Enterprise Director at Comscore

Twitter: @comScoreEMEA


(The below are Christie’s, Tim’s and Lara’s notes from Digital 2013.  They have been posted during the session and will be tidied up later – more Digital 2013 here)

You can also see Chris Thomson’s slides and a video of this presentation at the bottom of this blog post.


The customer journey will be his focus.  Chris kicked off with this question. How many toothbrushes are in the world? It isn’t 4. Apparently it’s 3.5 billion.  Did you know there are 4 billion mobiles (excluding Africa and pay as you go). Its not about half a billion peeps without toothbrushes, its about multiple mobiles per person.

And its not just about mobiles, we know interact with TVs Tablets, Gaming etc.  UK online population is still increasing – up 5% last year. There was an Olympic boost that has been sustained since. UK 64% mobile penetration and we punch above the rest of Europe.  Over 6 million brits have a tablet and a smartphone (wonder how many have a Chromebook?).

We fill in gaps in our day. Waiting for train? Sitting in doctors surgery. We are online and that + marketing opportunities.

Tablet use peaks between 8 and 9pm. PCs still dominate work hours.

Comscore can now tell where we are online (sounds scary). So its no surprise they know we are on our tablets whilst watching tele at home.

UK Online audience

  • 51:49% male:female
  • 31% of audience earn more than £50k
  • Silver surfers are actually the largest segment of UK internet users (and they have the cash)

What a re they doing: social media is biggest, then services – whatsapp, email etc. Retail movies are fastest growing categories.  Education/Information remains biggest category (key take away that!).

Search is going to reduce in importance as more and more people are targeted directly (got to disagree with that, people will come to you directly, not because they are “targeted”)

Is the iPhone going to be knocked off the top spot (Yes IMHO)

Apps are dominating time spent when compared to web.

923 billion display ads were deliuvered but only 3 in 10 of them were viewed! (Don’t ask how many are actually influenced in anyway!).  31% of those ads are on social media, then 14% entertainment.

Tumblr exceeds Instagram and Pinterest in terms of UK audience.

Retailers are starting to sell lots of ads (e.g. Amazon and eBay) (Interesting but uncomfortable opportunity in here for smaller retailers)

Top 3 retail activities:

  • Purchasing
  • Showrooming – going online whilit in a offline shop.
  • Sharing – getting views on a potential purchase

Chris concluded by saying “we know the best way to monetise you” (No mention of cookie legislation/privacy concerns)

Challenges today

  • How many of your customers actually see your ads today – how do you measure
  • Search – stop it, its not clever – do something different instead (surprisingly I actually agree with this but that hides the complexity of this statement)
  • How are you going to look at that customer journey – every company’s is  different and understanding that is key to your success

Chris Thomsons Slides:

Digital 2013, Chris Thomson, comScore from Interactive Scotland
Video from Digital 2013:

Digital 2013: Chris Thomson, comScore, Thinking Digital: Returning Value from your Digital Investment from Interactive Scotland on Vimeo.

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