Digital 2013 – Travelling from Edinburgh? #digiconxpastries

The 25th April will see Digital 2013 (#digiconx) hit Glasgow’s SECC, and a few of the Attacats are heading over.

Digital 2013

It crossed our mind that there could well be a fair few other Edinburgh digital folk also travelling on the morning. So, why not do it together? And, why not have breakfast as well?

join us for pastries on the 7:57

We can’t work out how to offer you tea or coffee (open to ideas though!) but we are happy to lay on some pastries.  We will be on the 7.57am train from Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Central. It gets into Glasgow at 9.10am where we can catch the train to the SECC which only takes 3 minutes and runs every 10 minutes. Perfect for getting us all to the conference for registration between 9.30-10am.

We will be on the front carriage of the train but we need to know you will be joining us so we have enough delicious breakfast bits and pieces to go around. Let us know by commenting below or sending us a tweet using the #digiconxpastries hashtag.

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10 thoughts on “Digital 2013 – Travelling from Edinburgh? #digiconxpastries”

  1. Vilma says:

    7:57?! My oh my that’s early! (obviously have been spoiled while working in the arts sector with rather late starting hours).

    Sounds brilliant guys, would love to join in!

    See you next week,

  2. Julie Thomason says:

    I’d like to you join you for breakfast next week

  3. Christie says:

    Great! Look forward to seeing you both on the train!

  4. Would love to join you guys for a pastry!
    great idea.

  5. Craig Godfrey says:

    Pastrie Breakfast – Count me in!

  6. Richard says:

    Good to see you at EdCM Tim, I thought the sound system was an excellent idea and amazed you got SE to upgrade everyone to first class. See you early!

  7. Roddy McRae says:

    Thanks Tim. Will see you all on the train at Haymarket. I promised to let you know after we briefly met at Edinburgh Coffee Morning yesterday.

  8. Mike McGrail says:

    Yo! I’ll be there, thanks!

    • Christie says:

      Hey Mike. Great, see you on the train!

  9. I may drive to Edinburgh in the morning from Motherwell, get on the train so I can join in the pastries fun.


    Have fun, see you all there.


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