Ditch the Zero and get with the Hero – Google’s New Qualification

This is a short but sweet post to chart the current change in the Google qualification program.

The qualification in short means more accountability for agencies and the individuals within an agency. For those who answer to ‘internet advertisers’ there is scope to harness your specific skill set and bask in the glory of your achievements.

Furthermore, Google has launched a Google Partner Search, which allows Joe Blogs, to type in their budget and other relevant parameters and get a result of fully qualified Google approved agencies, hurray!

Here is a quick synopsis of what has changed to the Google Exam:

  1. The GAP (Google Advertising Professionals) program is now called ‘Google Adwords Certification program’.
  2. Google have brought the exam questions up to date.  Not to be overly geeky, but we did find some of the questions a little out-dated in terminology.
  3. From our experience, we found the questions to be a mix of name recall and theoretical application.  This ensures relevant and practical knowledge of Google.
  4. Google have segmented the program into areas.  The areas indicate competency within the related field of expertise – search, display, reporting and analysis.
  5. The Google badge has undergone a lovely facelift and now encapsulates a ‘click to verify’ section.  This will allow you to view an agency’s Google profile for additional information. You can view the logo on the medals page of our website.

I am proud to say that all Attacat have successfully passed their exams with a 95%+ pass rate.  We are still planning the parade in Stockbridge, so keep your eyes open.

Kansas Jayhawks 2008 NCAA Basketball National Champions--Street Party
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