Don’t Accept Defaults Review Your Campaign Settings

I’ve just read a nice wee post on ‘what not to do in managing PPC campaigns‘ by Web Optimist which highlights:

By default Google will show your ad on all devices including mobile devices. Opt out from this feature if the majority of your target audience doesn’t have internet capable mobile phones or your call to action link wants them to fill a long form which is hard to do from mobile phones.

I think there are a few things you need to watch when creating new campaigns, as the default settings in AdWords are not usually desirable.

For example, when creating a new campaign both search and content networks are turned on by default, but it’s best practice to separate your campaigns for the content network as you are trying to interrupt your audience, rather than offer a solution to what they are searching for. Also, the content network will perform differently to search, meaning that optimisation of these campaigns is going to be more effective if the campaigns are separate.

Another one to watch is Location targeting – make sure your campaigns are targeting the right country, or update the settings to target specific areas within a country. A common issue is businesses not being able to deliver to the highlands and islands, or Northern Ireland for example, but when targeting the United Kingdom – people within these locations will see your adverts so exclude these areas in campaign settings.

Efficient targeting from the beginning will reduce wasted spend, so review these settings before launching a new campaign:

  • Networks (turn off Content Network & create separate campaign)
  • Devices (turn off ‘iPhones and other mobile devices with full internet browsers’)
  • Locations


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