Edinburgh Social Media: Quiz of the Year results prove controversial

Every Friday morning an increasingly large group of social mediaphiles meet up at Edinburgh’s popular Centotre.  It’s an informal gathering set-up by Mike Coulter back in early 2007.

The chat is often social media but not always and the ethos is very much one of helping one another, be that to increase knowledge of the latest iPhone App or simply where to go for a decent cocktail.

Last week saw the second Edinburgh Social Media Quiz of the Year.  The quiz consisted largely of social media celebrity type questions (e.g. who wrote Naked Conversations, recognise this New Media HQ from Google Earth photos, recognise the famous tweeter by their tweets etc) with  a few acronym tests thrown in for good measure.

(Photos by Brendan MacNeill)

Taken very seriously by all (ahem), the main rule was that the rules could be changed at anytime.  Negative points were awarded for use of smartphones (unless it was a Microsoft OS then extra points were gained for perceived additional handicap).  The quiz then spilled on to Twitter for the rest of the day so if you were wondering why you got a pile of Tweets making no sense at all on Friday with the #EdCMQ hash tag, now you know.

The awards ceremony took place in ZanZero on Friday evening and due to a number of parties being off to collect less prestigious awards (congratulations Whitespace on winning a major award from the Drum), Team @ @ @ @ @ @ @  were awarded a technical win. I’m pleased to say I was part of th@ team.  (though I have some insight on how it must feel to be awarded an Olympic Gold some months after the event as a result of the disqualification of the person who seemingly won).

Very well done to the real winners.  Next year I’ll win it properly!


After (A good bit after actually)

(With thanks to many for a very entertaining day, especially to Mike Coulter but also the cast of #EdCM)

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