Email Marketing Roundup – July 2011



First up, New Media Marketing this month published a summary report of 2011 email marketing metrics. There are some interesting numbers in here with the happy headline being that they have found nothing to suggest that email is anything other than the most efficient and cost effective marketing channel available for communicating with potential customers and clients. That’s nice to hear!

The always awesome Avinash Kaushik has a great post on his Occam’s Razor blog going into detail about campaign analysis and best practices. Avinash highlights that it’s important to be thinking about metrics other than just opens and click-through. This is definately a must read for all you data freaks out there.


Campaign Monitor, the popular email marketing platform, have come out with some stats showing the most popular email clients in use (as of June 2011). Some of you may be surprised to see Outlooks 2000, 2003 and Express with over 27% share of the market. Remember that with email you are marketing to the masses so make sure that all their needs are covered. iOS and Android devices are also increasing  rapidly, expect these segments to break the 20% very soon!

Popular email clients June 2011 from Campaign Monitor

Christmas is coming!

It may only just have turned August but many industries will have to be now thinking about their winter and Christmas campaigns now. For example, if you are like me you will be thinking about trying to get a good deal on a 2012 skiing holiday – now would be a fantastic time for winter sports holiday retailers to start reconnecting with their lists – have helpfully provided a guide on how to plan this year’s email campaign and analyse last year’s.



Lastly, it’s all very well reading about all these amazing metrics and exciting approaches but what if your subscription list is the email equivalent of the pantry round at Mothar Hubbard’s? We’ve come accross the rather nifty 3rd party tool – Padiact. This is from the same people who make the PadiTrack analytics tool which we have also found useful.

Padiact helps you build your email list by using non intrusive targeting of the visitors to your site. A higher quality list is much more valuable than one filled with just any old random addresses. Even better, it integrates seamlessly with the likes of Mail Chimp and Campaign monitor to make things even easier.

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