Email marketing roundup – November 2011

There is no way I could write a round up of email marketing news for November and not include something about the Marketing Sherpa email awards. In case you haven’t heard, we managed to nab ourselves a gold medal for Best Personalisation/Segmentation Strategy for our work with our client Clare Florist. We also managed to nudge Microsoft (you may have heard of them) into second place!

Email Marketing Gold Award

Its always nice to have your work recognised, especially by a big name like Marketing Sherpa. Next year we’re going for gold!

Getting personal

On with the news…

We uncovered a tool called Daisy in this month that got us just a little bit excited. Daisy lets you personalise images with names, email addressed – basically any information that you can put in a custom field. You can bet that we are going to be investigating this further! Watch this video to get an idea for yourself.

Wondering what to test

I’m sure there are many people out there who would love to be able to get more testing of their campaigns done but when they actually sit down to do it they think “So, what will I do?”. Marketing Sherpa (our current favourite award organiser!) have some brilliant advice if you feel you are struggling to get a strategy together. They helpfully list the top five areas that email marketing professionals believe have the most effect on your results and therefore warrant testing first.

Christmas is coming

We are only a few weeks away from the big day and you should really have got your Christmas plan in place before now. If you haven’t, read to the end of this page, close everything else down and get on it!

Smart Insights have created a very helpful post with some practical tips as well as some more advanced thinking. Strategy and planning is important at any time of the year but especially so at Christmas (and key seasons for your industry).

Have a great Christmas – see you in 2012!

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