Email marketing roundup – October 2011

Its been another busy month in the world of email marketing. Looking back a few years many people were considering email to be a declining channel, it’s nice to see how wrong they were! Just this week Pizza Hut, the saviour of many a hungry lunchtime, have announced the launch of a massive campaign that will see 2M emails being sent out to customers.

judging a book

First Impressions

We’re always trying to highlight how important it is for you think about the first impression of your email. Those first few seconds will either make your open rate bloom or shrivel. Campaign Monitor had an excellent post recently on image blocking with some crucial tips on styling and alt. text that EVERYONE should pay attention to.

If you want to see how not to do it (and I think that this can sometimes be as illuminating as reading pages full of tips) then check out Email fail . There are some examples here to make you chuckle but it is also reassuring to know that even the giants out there haven’t got it perfect and there’s still room for a small business or agency show them how it’s done.

oh behave

A really great post from Unbounce talks about how behavioural marketing (in their opinion) is going to be the future of email marketing. It’s certainly something that we are excited about at Attacat. It maybe something that you haven’t though too much about but you will want to get in there early to take advantage of a relatively quite playing field.

for 1 day only (then another one later)

If that’s not enough for you to get your teeth into I will be presenting on email marketing along with my esteemed colleague @attacat_kiril at November’s New Media Breakfast in Glasgow on Friday 25th November  (to be repeated in Edinburgh in the new year).  At the very least you will get a nice cup of tea and a bacon roll.


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