Facebook Connections: Another way to tell Facebook what adverts to serve you

Facebook is trying to take over the web.

Yes, they’ve released a whole range of tools that spread their presence out of the confines of Facebook and into your website. There’s the ‘like button’, that helps people indicate the content or brands they like anywhere on the web:

Or the more feature-packed ‘like box’:

There’s much more available apart from these, but why are Facebook extending their reach? Is it so they can be nice and let us share with our friends? Or is it…


Targeting – the holy grail of social media advertising is moving forward leaps and bounds at the moment and we are really starting to get quite excited about it as an advertising medium. The thought of being able to combine it with search targeting has me positively fainting with excitement.

A key ingredient for success in Facebook advertising is getting the “Likes and Interests” selection right. Facebook’s revised Connections page (discussed below Community Pages in this blog post) is another step by Facebook to understand us better.  Naturally it’s spun as being a better way for you and me to get to know our friends.

Indeed even the Communities page launch can be seen as a move towards monetisation through better targeting.  If I am motivated enough to contribute to a page about an interest, then surely I am interested in adverts that relate to that topic?  Well maybe…on the odd occassion.

Interests change with time though so Facebook will no doubt be seeking to understand this with view to making adverts more like personalised suggestions than ads.

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