Facebook timeline for business pages: 9 things you need to do by 30 March

introducing timeline

The new Facebook timeline is upon us, and if you have a business page you’ll need to ensure your presence is updated to reflect the changes occurring on 30 March 2012. So what is the timeline, and what’s changing?

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the changeover

You can preview the new business page display right now and ready it for the transition.

facebook timeline transition

what to do

Preview the new timeline and ensure you’ve optimised your page before the transition on 30 March 2012.


the timeline

facebook timelineThe timeline is basically a chronological display of your Facebook posts and activity, displayed in a much more visual and appealing way than the old profile page.

what to do

Ensure you’ve posted an appealing and regular stream of updates to your business page, including mixed media like images, video and links.


cover photo

facebook banner imageYou can now decorate your page with a large cover photo (personal profiles have had this for some time) with dimensions 851 x 315 pixels. Facebook are moving away from custom landing pages and encouraging businesses to communicate their brand and offering through the images, although they don’t want you to include product/service prices, contact info, and calls-to-action (e.g. like/share buttons). Quite how this will be policed is unclear, and we have managed to include contact details in our cover photo for at least a week (see image above).

what to do

Upload an engaging cover photo that communicates your brand and values.


milestones and ‘pinning’

Have a milestone in your company history or want to promote a post? You can expand and highlight posts to take up the full width of the page, pin them to the top of the stream, or add milestones for significant occasions in your company history.

what to do

Add a few milestones and make your most appealing posts more prominent.


about your company

facebook about

Your business information is now featured below the cover photo more prominently. Make sure it’s accurate!

what to do

Update your business information fully and accurately.


new admin panel

facebook admin panel

Facebook will now display an admin panel at the top of your business page, above the timeline, when you’re logged in. The panel shows a summary of your page activity and engagement, so you no longer have to navigate into the page’s admin backend.

what to do

Keep an eye on your site’s engagement and performance and develop strategies to improve.


applications / custom pages

This is a biggie. Custom pages are no longer displayed in a navigation section on the left-hand side of the page, and your custom pages and apps are now shown in larger boxes beneath the cover image.

facebook apps pages

You’re restricted to displaying four that are immediately visible; the rest are hidden behind a drop-down menu.

The custom pages now also display differently, as before they were included within the page structure and are now quite clean and separate. This also means that the width available for custom pages in bigger, increasing to 810 pixels wide from a stingy 520. Importantly, you can now no longer set a default landing page for people who don’t ‘like’ the page.

facebook custom page


what to do

Update your custom tabs and applications to display optimally, using appealing images to draw attention to the picture-box navigation.


facebook advertising

The change to the timeline and apps will have effects on your advertising. As you can no longer set a default landing page for your page, you’ll need to either improve your timeline to make it incredibly engaging or direct adverts directly to your apps/pages. You also won’t be able to use ‘like gates’ (only displaying certain content once a user has ‘liked’ the page) quite so effectively.


what to do

Ensure you’ve adopted a revised strategy for your Facebook advertising in readiness for 30 March 2012.


page messages

Ever been frustrated when you want to move a conversation with a customer away from your company page’s publicly visible wall? Facebook didn’t make it easy before, and most people aren’t comfortable printing their email address (quite rightly). Facebook have now corrected that to an extent with page messages, which enable you to privately and non-publicly chat with other Facebook users on your page.

facebook message

what to do

Use Facebook messages when you don’t want your conversation to be publicly visible.


want to be ready for Facebook timeline?

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