February Month In Numbers

In our fast-paced digital world, sometimes it pays dividends to get back to basics. Last month we revisited our organic foundations – reflecting on the importance of title tags, link building and Google search. We also looked forward to the future of content and considered the slow content revolution.


The increase in organic traffic recorded in an experiment by Ahrefs upon optimising a title tag. In its four-step guide on ‘How to Craft the Perfect SEO Title Tag’ Ahrefs lists depth/thoroughness, lists/quantity, speed/brevity, freshness and brand as the key components of a good title tag. “The truth is, title tags have more potential (and SEO value) than most people realize.” We couldn’t agree more – a must read.

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86 Million

The number of blog posts published on WordPress every month. It is little surprise then that the Content Marketing Institute is calling for our content production to slow down. Much like the slow food movement, which bids us to take better care of our nutritional health, the slow content movement begs us to step away from clickbait and focus on quality. Less really is more.


The percentage of the search engine market still owned by Google. Despite organic and PPC measures still holding relevancy on Yahoo and Bing, the focus remains overwhelmingly on Google. In this ‘Intro to SEO’ wiki by Webris we also learned that Google’s database is more than 100,000,000 gigabytes in size, while its algorithm ranking signals surpass 200 – Attacat pub quiz here we come!

Spotted By: Attacat Joel

9 in 10

The number of HubSpot blog leads that come from old blog posts. With 63,075 Google searches every second, it is perhaps unsurprising that established content is likely to perform better – Google is already familiar with it. Using a ‘Back By Popular Demand,’ strategy, where you optimise and republish old blog posts, can be a highly effective way of maximising your content ROI.


The proportion of Webris pages that increased in organic traffic as a result of quality linkbuilding (over a 6 month period). Key to the success of this outreach strategy? Website quality. Considering more than just Domain Authority (DA), Webris looked at social following, article quality, topical relevance and types of existing links – all of which proved essential.

Spotted By: Attacat Joel

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