Festival Edinburgh Coffee Morning: Daily Geek Fix for Edinburgh Festival Goers

If you’re in Edinburgh for the Festival you’re going to have a good time.

You might be here with family or friends or just catching up with some Edinburgh residents. It’s going to be good.

But just maybe, just possibly, there’s a little something missing?

Is the company you are keeping failing to fulfil your need for regular geekery? Do they see you as some sort of freak if you get excited about a tweet? Are you laughed at when you think there’s an opportunity to bag a Foursquare swarm badge?

If that’s you, then the answer is the Festival Edinburgh Coffee Morning.

Coffee Morning is an Edinburgh institution. A “proudly shambolic” one. It’s an informal gathering of self confessed geeks who know their iPads from their Tweetdeck.

It usually takes place every Friday and attracts upwards of 50 people each time. However for the duration of the festival it’s happening everyday.

So if you’re here in Edinburgh bring along your perspectives on social media or apps or search or whatever part of the Internet world floats your boat.

The venue is the Scottish Cafe on the Mound (underneath the National Galleries of Scotland on Prince’s St) and it runs from 8ish to 930ish am. Just turn up and ask for Mike Coulter and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

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Fridays will no doubt be the big day but inevitably less intimate than any other day where numbers may very well be small – but that doesn’t matter because that’ll increase your chances of being able to chat to the one and only Mike Coulter, an experience that would be sure to get 5 stars if only the Scotsman understood.

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