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It is with great delight that we discovered just today, that Linked In has released their updated list (global and country-specific) of the 25 hottest skills of 2015! We always look forward to this list as it reinforces the major skills we, too, tend to look for in new hires. With big plans on the horizon this year, we are proud to announce that a hiring wave will take place over the next couple of months. If you think you have what it takes, make sure to:

a) check out the list below and see how many of the skills you may possess, update your CV and
b) head over to our Jobs page and fill out the form to be put on the list to be informed as soon as a position is posted

In the meantime, see below for the updated graphic, and here for the whole article.

A few particulars to note:

  • SEO/SEM skills jumped one spot from 5th place to 4th (globally & UK)
  • Marketing Campaign Management jumped from 9th place to 3rd (globally) though still 18th in the UK.
  • Mobile Development #6 (globally & UK)
Global 25 Hottest Skills
source: Linked In
United Kingdom 25 Hottest Skills
source: Linked In


Not from the UK? Check out the full slide share for the top 25 in all 14 countries researched! Now get those CV’s updated, and good luck on your search!

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