Google 3D search: Results that really jump out at you

Following Google’s release of 3D street view earlier today they’ve now announced the next step in search: 3D search.

With everything from films to football games seemingly jumping on the 3D bandwagon, it was really only a matter of time before Google explored the concept in search.

Although the screen below is so far the only released image, we can imagine how advertisers will be keen to see sponsored listings have a greater 3D effect in order to stand out above natural listings. And what price would you give for eventual 3D video advert integration?

Google are ramping up interest early by giving away free 3D glasses, so click to apply for your 3D specs!

3D Google search
Grab your 3D glasses for Google search

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One thought on “Google 3D search: Results that really jump out at you”

  1. Attacat Ben says:

    ok guys – obviously an April Fool…. We’ll try harder next year!

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