Google AdWords Account Reviews (&drinks)

Google AdWords Account Reviews (&drinks)

Last night the Attacat team travelled to Glasgow’s swanky establishment ‘29’ to enjoy the big name-change event of our friends previously known as Podcastmatters.

Enjoying free drinks and renowned hospitality the eager audience were treated to an unveiling of the rebranding…

We come to a problem

The Attacat team wanted to help further promote FatBuzz with a bit of PPC advertising but there was a problem – we didn’t know the new name!  A hurried bit of geekery in the train and pub on the way there gave us a ready-to-launch mini-brand campaign for the guys, all ready to add the new name in…

So while Gordon and Kyle led the build up to the rebranding, the Attacat laptops were on, bids set, just waiting for the vital ingredient.

And the new name was . .  . FatBuzz.

Within a few moments the ads were showing, covering off the old and new brand terms (and a few variations – although “PhatBuzz” is a pretty unlikely name!).

Now for a Google account review problem

Sadly Google had other ideas and imposed one of their random account reviews.

These can happen to any new account and it stops all advertising until a manual review of all adverts, keywords , bids and budgets are checked by an official ‘Googler’.  Their party line is that this is to flag any abuse of accounts; things such as high budget levels and high bids can trigger it.  Not much bloody use for a short-term brand campaign though!

Thanks to dedicated Google AdWords support folks for agencies we had the account back up and running within the hour.  I’ve been assured this only happens with 1% of all accounts (we have seen it in the past and having built hundreds of accounts over the years this is probably not far off the mark).

However I’ve real concerns for any independent who might want to run something like this and could found themselves in a similar situation.  The only real method of contacting Google is by email – and for those not with agency support this can be a lengthy process! This process could be costly for a large company going through a rebranding.

Lessons to be learned

Couple of morals to the story here:

  1. Make sure you’re covered with a bit of agency support if running a short-term or high-profile Google AdWords campaign – it doesn’t mean paying through the nose but a bit of hand-holding might help.
  2. Use FatBuzz for managing your event – they put on a great show!

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