Google AdWords Advert Preview Tool

When using Google for search they attempt to “personalize” your search experience. Sometimes this can lead to your own adverts being shown lower than expected (or not at all) when searching. This can happen because you don’t click on your own adverts (please don’t start!) Google will then see your adverts as less relevant to you as you have never clicked on them.

To combat this issue a tool has been developed that will show the true non-biased results. This tool is available at:

You can use this tool to search across different Google domains and regions – this can be very useful if your adverts show only in certain areas of the country.

To use the tool you can type your search into either the box towards the top of the page (in the grey area) or the more standard search box at the top of preview page. It is worth noting that the results rendered in the sponsored links cannot be clicked on.

The results shown using the tool should be trusted rather than a simple search on (due to the personalized search facility). Another point of note is that your advert may fluctuate in position during any given search especially in very competitive markets so it can be prudent to run the preview tool a couple of times to get a true picture of your actual position.

As always please feel free to contact your dedicated Attacat Account Manager if you have any questions about the use of the tool.

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