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Modified, what?

Google have unveiled a new keyword match type called Modified Broad.  This new keyword matching option allows the average PPC boffin to gain a level of control in terms of their keyword targeting and scope.

The newly contrived match type closes the void that existed between Broad & Phrase match, and allows more control of your keywords.

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Tell me more!

Modified broad match is, in principle, phrase match with relative alternatives.

Your modified broad match uses misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemming to provide alternatives deviations to search terms.  What it does not do is use the full broad match capabilities or limit you with the traditional phrase match types.

For example, your traditional broad match of ‘car’ could trigger the keyword ‘jeep’ in a users search. Your modified broad match of the keyword ‘+car’ would only link to relative alternatives to car such as ‘cars’.

Furthermore, Modified broad match works in relation to the specific keyword.  For example, ‘+ford’ and ‘+car’  in one term (+ford +car) could generate the following options:

car ford, ford car, ford cars, cars ford ……

However, if you use only one keyword with modified broad match ‘+ford’ and the other with broad ‘car’ in one term (ford +car).  You could end up with the following:

ford audi car, ford honda car . . . .

So, what are the benefits?

  • Less reliance on extensive, and often labrious negative keyword lists
  • Can be used in same way as phrase match but keywords no longer have to appear in the order you specify
  • Reduce unncessary spend from irrelavent broad match terms
  • Boost your traffic and sales from stagmatic Phrase match types
  • Select between singular or multiple modified broad match keywords within a single list of keywords

This list is not extensive, just think about CTR and its almost never ending!

What’s next?

To enable your modified match types, simply put a (+) sign in front of your existing broad match keyword, and hey presto, you are now using modified match types.

The application of  extending your keywords targeting potential, without compromising on unrelated terms, will please many in the world of PPC ( not least everyone at Attacat!).  We have been pestering Google for ages to implement this idea,  so we’re all in a cheery mood!

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For more information on Modified Broad match please see Google adwords blog.

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One thought on “Google Adwords new keyword match type”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Finding the new match type option very useful today, having sifted through a search query report. n>For example, I’ve used the modified broad match type for keywords that contain a town or city name e.g. “send parcel to edinburgh” I have now changed to “send parcel to +edinburgh” to ensure the word ‘edinburgh’ is in the search query, as Google tends to match these keywords to phrases such as “send parcel” to people based in Edinburgh. n

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