Google Adwords Updates: What You Need to Know About This Month

Most of these you should have heard about before this month but we know how it is, time just seems to pass us by! Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes made to Google Adwords that you should know about today.

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Adwords Editor

At the end of 2014 Adwords launched a new and improved version of Adwords Editor. If you’ve not already updated, do. Google have stated that Editor has been redesigned from the ground up by enhancing current features as well as adding new and improved features. The biggest changes are:

  • The ability to open up Editor in multiple windows, allowing you to view accounts and items side-by-side
  • An improved advanced search bar which now allows you to save searches for future use
  • Introduction of a Shared Library, allowing you to share bid strategies across multiple campaigns and ad groups

If you’ve not already updated, do!

Google Trusted Stores

google trusted stores

While this isn’t new, certain changes to the minimum requirements at the beginning of this year means it’s now much easier to get certified as a ‘trusted store’. Before you needed to submit cancellation and shipment feeds to Google to be certified but since the beginning of 2015 this is no longer a requirement. Here are the newly updated minimum requirements to get certified as a Google Trusted Store:

  • Average monthly online order volume greater than 200 orders per store
  • The store does not sell restricted products/services (e.g. weapons, tobacco etc)
  • Customer support team for store will respond to enquiries within one working day
  • Store provides accurate estimated shipping/delivery dates
  • Store’s shopping cart pages are not hosted on a separate domain
  • Store’s checkout pages are encrypted

If you’re an e-commerce store selling your products using Google pay-per-click (PPC) and meet the minimum criteria above, get certified. The process takes about 1 month to set up, between setting up your shop profile, completing the technical integration and being deemed eligible by Google. It’s worth getting the process started now and get certified quicker.

Call-Only Campaigns

google adwords call only campaigns

Last month Google launched a brand new campaign type: Call-Only Campaigns. These ads looks very much like standard text ads but rather than encouraging users to click through to a webpage, they are designed to encourage users to call the advertiser.

This should come in extremely useful for those advertisers with a telephone call as their primary call-to-action. If this is you we’d suggest split testing your PPC campaigns to see whether these call-only campaigns help to increase calls to your business, and thereafter if they increase your overall conversion rate.

Shared sets

If you’re an advertiser with multiple campaigns in Adwords this is something you’ll want to know about. Shared sets allows you to create a central list of keywords that can be applied to one (or multiple) campaigns.

This is particularly useful for setting up lists of negative keywords that would apply to multiple campaigns.

Upgraded URLs

In it’s simplicity, this allows you to change your landing page URL without resetting the ad’s statistics. Most PPC advertisers will agree that this makes their lives much, much simpler and makes it much easier to report on ads where the landing page has changed.

Google Updates

Google have also recently launched a new features page and a best practice page so you can keep up to date with all the latest features and tips on how to keep your PPC account healthy and performing well.

The above are what we’ve found to be the most useful Google Adwords updates over the past couple of months. Are there any other updates that you’ve found particularly useful?

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